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The Ringstrasse

October 9, 2018 by adminmoe

In 2015 the Ringstrasse celebrated its 150th anniversary. As a matter of fact completing the whole Ringstrasse spans well over three decades. Replacing the inner city wall the Ringstrasse displays Vienna’s most monumental buildings on its 5,3 kilometers. Some of these buildings imitate those epochs that are representative for them.

Parliament, City Hall & Co.

Those the Austrian parliament is in a Greek Classical style – Greece as the birthplace of democracy. In front of the building is the Greek godess Pallas Athene emboding the state wisdom.

Not far from the Austrian Parliament the visitor can embrace the Vienna City Hall that serves as the canvas for many events in the city – from the famous Vienna Christmas market to the Life Ball. It is a building that breaks many records. It is also the seat of Vienna’s mayor. Building the City Hall took 11 years from 1872 to 1883.

Other main sights on the Ringstrasse include the Art- and the Natural History Museum, the Burgtheater, the Vienna State Opera, the Hofburg and the University of Vienna.

Palaces of the Wealthy

The 19th century showed the appearance of a wealthy bourgeoisie that built their palaces along the Ringstrasse. Beside the official buildings, like the Hofburg, these buildings invite the visitor to study the Ringstrasse in more detail. Some of the most prominent buildings include the Palais Ephrussi, the Palais Todesco close to the State Opera and the Palais Lieben-Auspitz that houses the world famous Café Landtmann.