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Time Travel Vienna

October 9, 2018 by adminmoe

The Time Travel Vienna is worth a visit if you want to get an overview of the city’s history. It is an highlight for the whole family. On 1300 sq.m. 2000 years of Vienna’s history become alive with state-of-the-art technologies. 5D cinema various rides and multimedia shows touch all senses. At nine stops visitors can relive different eras of the history of Vienna – from the Middle Ages to the time of the Habsburg Empire to the events during World War II.

At the 5D cinema visitors get a first impression after an introduction by a tour guide. There 2000 years of history are told in an exciting manner. After that 640 years of the Habsburg Empire can be experienced at the Habsburg Show before visitors learn about the plague. Then it is music time – the highlight that Vienna is so famous for. The music of Mozart and Strauss, the Vienna Waltz. A musical journey through time – so vibrant.

But Vienna lived through horrible times as well during the First and Second World War. After a relatively long time of peace the Habsburg Empire collapsed after World War I. What followed were times of political unrest that cumulated in the 2nd World War. After the war Austria was occupied by the four victorious powers for 10 years until 1955.

At the end of the tour visitors experience a Fiaker flight back to the present – fireworks included.

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